Wireless Home Alarm Kit Paradox MG5050 – K32 LCD, 2xPMD2, 2xREM25 + 2 FREE DCTXP2 2-Zone Door Contacts

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Wireless Home Alarm Kit PARADOX MG5050

The Paradox MG5050 is one of the few alarm systems on the market with an inbuilt receiver which allows you to combine both wired and wireless devices all in one. It’s a wireless alarm kit that can be self installed or set up by one of our experienced alarm technicians and is now available for R4 999, normally R8 524.


  • No cumbersome wires that are vulnerable to wear and tear
  • Wireless systems are more flexible in terms of placement around the home
  • The reliability associated with one of the leading high-end brands in home security
  • Easy to use, aesthetically pleasing interface
  • Free assistance with module set-up  


If you order your alarm from us, we can also provide quick and efficient installation should you require it. As part of installation we’d be happy to provide free module set up and more comprehensive guidance on additional home security solutions.


Alarm System Features:

  • Inbuilt PGM outputs (and wireless option) allow for the activation of external devices like garage doors, lighting and air-con.
  • Enough zone protection to satisfy most small to medium installs, through an integration of wireless receivers and hardwired inputs provided. Further expand the hardwired zones by using an expansion module for only R603 extra
  • Simple menu driven programming for initial set-up and ongoing alarm panel management
  • Unlike other systems, supports 2 partitions with no additional programming required to enable easier partitioning other than assigning a zone to the second area.

Are you wanting more control of your alarm system? To turn your alarm system on/off, open/close your garage door all from your smartphone? Once Pardaox MG5050 alarm system is paired with an IP150 module, view here (, all this and more is made possible at only R1 535 extra.

Extra Features: (additional products required)

  • Simple internet access to the system for maintenance and system status checks. (IP50 Ip Internet module is required). This module also enables access via the iParadox smartphone App that is available for iOs or Android.

This MG5050 Home Alarm Kit includes:

1 x Paradox K32LCD 32-Character Hardwired LCD Keypad Module

2 x Paradox PMD2 Wireless Analog Single-Optic PIR

2 x Paradox REM25 2-Way Remote Control

1 x Paradox 32-Zone Magellan 5050 Wireless Control Panel

1 x Paradox Metal Panel Box (28 x 28 x 7.6 cm)

1 x Transformer with Lighting Protection 50VA 16VAC

1 x 12V Battery 7Ah

1 x Electronic Siren Horn 15W

2 x White Magnetic Contact

You can speak to our team about full installation after completing your order online. Our team are experts in home security and will be able to provide additional guidance should you.

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433Mhz, 868Mhz


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