Sherlotronics 3 Channel Receiver 150m



Code-Hopping Encryption
Latch or Momentary
Selectable Momentary times:
1 Sec; 3Sec; 1min; 3min
Buzzer tone
Crystal Controlled +/- 100KHz
Frequencies: 403MHz / 433MHz
12 – 24V AC/DC input

R 207.69


Sherlotronics 3 Channel Receiver 150m

Sherlotronics 3 Channel Receiver 150m. These Receivers are designed to fit into small spaces and are value for money. Our 150m Range receivers can be set to trigger a Relay contact for 1 Second, 3 Seconds, 1 minute or 3 minutes. Latching and ON-OFF functionality.


Gate & Garage Door Access Control
Panic Activations
Arming / Disarming Alarm systems
Switching On / Off lights
Switching On / Off Generators


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