Fencing Brackets Omega System

Elevate your fencing projects with the premium selection of Fencing Brackets Omega System, exclusively designed to provide unparalleled durability and functionality. Our comprehensive range of Omega System brackets is meticulously engineered to offer exceptional support and versatility for various fencing applications.

Crafted with precision, these brackets serve as the cornerstone of your fencing assembly, ensuring a robust and secure foundation for every panel. Whether you’re working on residential, commercial, or industrial projects, our Fencing Brackets offers a reliable solution that adapts seamlessly to diverse environments and requirements.

The Omega System’s innovative design guarantees quick and hassle-free installation, saving you valuable time and effort during your fencing projects. Each bracket is rigorously tested to meet industry standards, providing confidence in their performance under varying conditions.

These brackets excel not only in strength but also in their aesthetic appeal. With a sleek and modern design, the Omega System brackets contribute to the overall visual appeal of your fencing setup, enhancing both its form and function.

Our commitment to quality ensures that each Fencing Brackets is manufactured using premium materials that resist corrosion, weathering, and wear over time. This guarantees a long-lasting solution that maintains its integrity, even in challenging outdoor environments.

Choose the Fencing Brackets Omega System for its exceptional reliability, easy installation, and superior design. Elevate your fencing projects to a new level of excellence with brackets that stand the test of time, providing the support and stability your fencing deserves.

  • Omega End and Corner Bracket HDG

    Nemtek HDG Omega End and Corner Bracket

    R 265.35R 425.22 Inc VAT
  • Omega Intermediate Bracket HDG

    Nemtek 1mm Omega Intermediate Bracket

    R 71.44R 207.52 Inc VAT
  • Omega Welded Brackets Electro Galvanised

    Nemtek Electro Galvanised Omega Welded Brackets

    R 63.84R 145.27 Inc VAT
  • Omega-Spacer

    Nemtek Omega Spacer

    R 5.11 Inc VAT
  • TS-DATS3-XL - Dual Action Tension Sensor 3 XL Galvanised

    Nemtek Dual Action Tension Sensor 3 XL Galvanised

    R 158.32 Inc VAT
  • TS-DATS3-SS - Dual Action Tension Sensor 3 XL Galvanised

    Nemtek Dual Action Tension Sensor 3 SS304

    R 158.32 Inc VAT
  • Free Standing BTL2 Pull thru Hook

    Nemtek Omega Pull Through Hook

    R 7.15 Inc VAT
  • ES-HK-EP-DS - 180 Degree S-hook

    Nemtek 180 Degree S-hook

    R 9.44 Inc VAT
  • ES-HK-EP-90DEG - 90 Degree S-Hook

    Nemtek 90 Degree S-Hook

    R 8.96 Inc VAT
  • ES-HK-EP - S-hook

    Nemtek S-hook

    R 4.57 Inc VAT
  • ES-CTNTBB Hybrid Combo Tensioner BB

    Nemtek Hybrid Combo Tensioner BB

    R 14.97 Inc VAT

    Nemtek Hybrid Compression Spring 4

    R 22.33 Inc VAT
  • CNT3-2 - ES-CNT3

    Nemtek Heavy Duty Compression Spring 3

    R 13.85 Inc VAT
  • Omega-Insulator - EI-OB

    Nemtek Omega Insulator

    R 2.19 Inc VAT
  • BTL2-Bobbin-2 - EI-BTL2

    Nemtek Omega Pull Through Insulator

    R 4.50 Inc VAT

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