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  • Paradox NV37M Outdoor / Indoor Window and Sliding Door Dual Detector with Anti-Masking and Pet Immunity

    Paradox NV37MR In/Outdoor Wireless Curtain Detector

    Paradox Security
    R 1,873.50 Inc VAT
  • Sale!
    Paradox MG5050 Wireless Kit - K32 LCD

    Paradox MG5050+ with K32 LCD Keypad and 2x REM2 Full Kit

    Paradox Security
    Original price was: R 9,062.00.Current price is: R 7,739.50. Inc VAT
  • Olarm Pro

    Olarm PRO 4G

    R 1,138.50 Inc VAT
  • Paradox IP180 + Antenna

    Paradox IP180 Internet Module with Wi-Fi

    Magellan, Spectra
    R 1,324.80 Inc VAT
  • Half Moon Trunking 70mm x 10mm

    Locally Sourced
    R 250.00
  • EGA Trunking 40mm x 40mm

    Locally Sourced
    R 95.00
  • EGA Trunking 40mm x 25mm

    Locally Sourced
    R 75.00
  • EGA Trunking 25mm x 16mm

    Locally Sourced
    R 33.01