Paradox Magellan MG5050

Paradox Magellan MG5050

Paradox Magellan MG5050

Wireless Security Systems

Paradox Magellan MG5050 – Experience a new way of living with StayD offered in the MG5000 and MG5050. StayD simplifies your life and makes it safer by protecting you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without ever having to disarm the system – even when entering an armed area.StayD lives with you and protects you at all times, without any unprotected periods, and while automatically re-arming the system so you don’t have to remember to do it.

The MAGELLAN line of two way wireless security systems offer you a combination of security, wireless convenience, easy installation and attractive consumer features for any residential or small commercial installation.

With their in-field firmware upgrade capability, the MAGELLAN line allows installers to upgrade their system without hassle — quickly, easily and on site. And to further facilitate installation, every MAGELLAN panel can be configured using easy-to-follow menu-driven programming.

MAGELLAN’s consoles (MG6130 / MG6160 / MG6250) are all-in-one wireless security systems that combine unique consumer features such as a family message center and FM radio with high quality sound, with ease of use, high security, and a designer look you may never have associated with security.


Security Features MG5000 MG5050 MG6250
Built-In Transceiver
Maximum Zones* 32 32 64
On-Board Hardwired Zones 2 (4 with ATZ) 5 (10 with ATZ) 2 (I/O)
Keypad Zones 15 15
Partitions 2 2
Users 32 32 16
Remote Controls 32 32 16
PGMs 16* (2 on-board) 16* (4 on-board) 8* (2 on-board I/O)
Events Buffered 256 256 256
Wireless Siren (SR150)
Wireless Keypads 8 (K32RF / K37) 8 (K32RF / K37) 4 (K32RF / K37)
Wireless Repeaters 2 2 4
Expansion Bus
GPRS / GSM Module (PCS Series) (with plug-in)
Internet Module (IP100)
Voice and Utility Reporting VDMP3 VDMP3 Built-in
Personal Dialing
Pager Reporting
Two-way Voice Communication
Patented 2 opto coupler dialer circuit
(US Patents 5751803, RE39406)
In-field Firmware Upgrade
Auxiliary Output
RF jamming supervision
Consumer Features
Hands-free Speakerphone
High-quality Voice and Sound
Family Message Center
Alarm Clock
Access System Menus by Telephone (with VDMP3) (with VDMP3)
* = Any of which can be wireless
  • Paradox IP180 + Antenna

    Paradox IP180 Internet Module with Wi-Fi

    Magellan, Spectra
    R 1,324.80 Inc VAT
  • Olarm Pro

    Olarm PRO 4G

    R 1,138.50 Inc VAT
  • Paradox PCS250 GSM Communicator Module

    Paradox PCS250 GSM Communicator Module

    Magellan, Spectra
    R 2,623.84
  • Paradox PGM82

    Paradox PGM82

    Magellan, Paradox Didiplex EVO, Spectra
    R 1,532.78 Inc VAT
  • Paradox K32RF 32-Zone Wireless LED Keypad Module

    Paradox K32RF 32-Zone Wireless LED Keypad Module

    Magellan, Spectra
    R 1,581.71 Inc VAT

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