Fencing Brackets Modulus System Accessories

Explore a world of possibilities with our exceptional range of Fencing Brackets Modulus System Accessories, carefully curated to complement and enhance your fencing projects. As a one-stop destination for all your fencing needs, we offer a diverse collection of accessories that seamlessly integrate with our innovative Fencing Brackets Modulus System, elevating your installation experience to new heights.

Designed with precision and crafted to perfection, our Modulus System Accessories are the missing pieces that bring your fencing vision to life. From connectors and adaptors to mounting hardware and reinforcement components, our accessories ensure a flawless and secure integration of the Fencing Brackets Modulus System with your chosen fencing material.

Experience unparalleled flexibility with our extensive selection of accessories that cater to various fencing styles, materials, and installation scenarios. Whether you’re working on residential, commercial, or industrial projects, our accessories are engineered to meet the demands of diverse applications, ensuring a uniform and professional finish every time.

The Modulus System Accessories boast the same high standards of quality and durability that define our core modular system. Crafted from premium materials, these accessories guarantee long-lasting performance, minimizing maintenance needs and enhancing the overall longevity of your fences.

Our commitment to innovation extends to every facet of the fencing process, and our accessories are no exception. We understand that every project is unique, which is why our accessories are designed to offer adaptable solutions that address specific challenges and requirements, ensuring that your fencing installations stand out for their reliability and aesthetics.


    Nemtek Hybrid Compression Spring 2

    R 8.25 Inc VAT

    Nemtek Compression Spring 1 White

    R 5.04 Inc VAT
  • CNT2-2 - ES-CNT2

    Nemtek Compression Spring 2 Black

    R 6.00 Inc VAT
  • TS-DATS2-XL - XL Galvanised Dual Action Tension Sensor 2

    Nemtek XL Galvanised Dual Action Tension Sensor 2

    R 142.31 Inc VAT
  • Modulus Slide Insulator

    Nemtek Modulus Spacer

    R 1.84
  • Modulus Slide Insulator

    Nemtek Modulus Slide Insulator

    R 2.14 Inc VAT
  • Modulus Mounting Bracket

    Nemtek Modulus Mounting Bracket

    R 156.91 Inc VAT
  • Modulus 3-Way End Cap

    Nemtek Modulus 3-Way End Cap

    R 128.75 Inc VAT
  • Modulus 2-Way End Cap

    Nemtek Modulus 2-Way End Cap

    R 117.66 Inc VAT
  • Modulus T Base

    Nemtek Modulus T Base

    R 17.61 Inc VAT
  • Dual Action Tension Sensor 8kg Set SS/304

    Nemtek SS304 Dual Action Tension Sensor 2

    R 142.31 Inc VAT
  • Spring Hook - Modulus/Jurassic SS304

    Nemtek Modulus and Jurassic Hook

    R 1.60 Inc VAT

    Nemtek Hybrid Compression Spring 1

    R 7.92 Inc VAT
  • CNT2W - ES-CNT2W

    Nemtek Compression Spring 2 White

    R 6.33 Inc VAT
  • CNT - ES-CNT

    Nemtek Compression Spring 1 Black

    R 4.73 Inc VAT

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