Paradox PGM82

Magellan, Paradox Didiplex EVO, Spectra


  • Expansion of 8 programmable outputs
  • PGM control via Insite GOLD application
  • PGM control with manual on-box switches
  • Can follow system events
  • Display for each PGM, Data and Power
  • Box cover lock mechanism
  • Supports SP, MG, EVO and Swan
  • Connects to control panel via 4-wire on keypad bus
  • Firmware upgradeable


  • Ids X64, 8 Zone Wired Bus Expander Module

    R 328.51 Incl VAT
  • 500GB Sata Hard Drive Disk 2.5″

    R 1,383.56 Incl VAT
  • Paradox PCS250 GSM Communicator Module

    Paradox PCS250 GSM Communicator Module

    Magellan, Spectra
    R 2,623.84